Dulverton Primary School


Intent, Implementation & Impact


At Dulverton Primary School, we value the importance of providing all pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum that prepares them for life beyond primary education. Through the subject of Design and Technology, children are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts. 

DT at Dulverton encourages children to participate and thrive in the rapidly changing world that surrounds them. Pupils are challenged to consider their own and other’s needs, wants and values. We strive to equip children with the knowledge and values that are necessary in tackling real life problems; along with analysis, problem-solving and evaluation skills.


  • In DT, we implement this by offering an exciting and inclusive curriculum that inspires pupils and encourages them to express their own individual interests, thoughts and ideas. 

  • We cover and build on all of the skills mentioned in the National Curriculum. Our school curriculum covers the 5 strands of DT: Design, Make, Evaluate, Technical Knowledge and Cooking and Nutrition. These strands and skills are embedded across the school curriculum. This means that each year, pupils consolidate their learning and improve any skills that they have already learnt. 

  • At Dulverton, children participate in topic based learning and DT is an integral part of this. DT is planned and taught through creative cross-curricular lessons. Teachers can choose how and when they teach an area, according to the topic they are teaching that term.


  • In lessons pupils have many opportunities to receive feedback on the project they are working on. Feedback can come from teachers, their peers or even from themselves. This feedback often encourages children’s independence as they take ownership of their learning. This way, they can make important decisions about their individual next steps. 



The overall impact of DT is for children to make good progress and for children to have transferable skills that they can use outside the classroom. The DT subject leader provides an action plan for the subject which celebrates areas of strength and addresses areas for development and improvement. These areas are then shared with the staff of Dulverton. The quality of learning in DT is evaluated through pupil voice and teacher audits of knowledge. 

Pupils of Dulverton will have the opportunity to experience many relevant and meaningful lessons that will enable them to leave primary education with a wide-range of skills that will equip them to become innovative, resourceful and proficient.

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