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Intent, Implementation & Impact


At Dulverton Primary School we believe that a broad and balanced English curriculum should develop children’s love of reading, writing and speaking and listening. We provide children with quality literature designed to engage and inspire them. We strive to teach quality first English and phonics lessons from Reception and continue to build on the children’s knowledge until they are fluent readers and inquisitive learners.

Children are taught a secure knowledge base in English which follows a clear progression of skills throughout their time with us.



Our aims are embedded across our English lessons and throughout the curriculum. English planning is differentiated and focused around a quality text allowing opportunities for reading, writing and speaking and listening activities. Cross- curricular links are made where possible and reading permeates the entire curriculum. We also have weeks that are based around wellbeing, drama workshops and we celebrate ‘World Book Day’ with a whole school theme.

The National Curriculum for English aims to ensure that by the end of Key Stage 2 all pupils:


-read with fluency, accuracy and understanding using a range of skills

-develop an understanding and appreciation of a range of literary texts (fiction, non-fiction & non-literary)

-develop an understanding and appreciation of non-fiction and non-literary texts

-comment on features of English at word, sentence and text level using appropriate terminology


-write using a chosen for and content to suit a particular purpose

-plan, draft, revise, proofread, present, discuss and evaluate their writing

-taught to use punctuation marks correctly

-spelling strategies and morphology

-write legibly in both joined and printed styles

-know about language structure (word classes, features, grammar)

-differences between standard and non-standard English usage

Speaking and Listening

-speak with confidence in a range of contexts

-listen, understand and respond appropriately to others

-talk effectively as members of a group

-participate in a wide range of drama activities

-taught the grammatical constructions that are characteristic of spoken standard English

-taught about how language varies

Reading is at the core of our English teaching and children are given the chance to explore a wide range of texts through their English lessons, guided reading sessions, library sessions, author focus, being read to daily, reading ambassadors, reading challenges.


At Dulverton we work hard to independently match reading books to the children’s reading ability. Classrooms have a range of books which include wellbeing, gender equality, diversity, family set up and disability.


Fun and engaging phonic lessons make up daily sessions for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  We use ‘Letters and Sounds’ as our synthetic phonics scheme. Throughout the rest of the school we work on learning the High Frequency words, Year 3 & 4/ Year 5 & 6 Appendix words as well as teaching children a range of spelling rules.


In English lessons we provide ‘in the minute’ oral feedback to the children to allow them to edit their learning accordingly. We also highlight incorrect spellings and highlight where taught grammar and punctuation has not been correctly used. Marking relates directly to the learning objective and support/ further interventions are given for children who require it in order to reach their full potential.



The quality of learning in English is evaluated through pupil progress meetings, learning walks, drop ins, pupil voice and work scrutinies. These inform future areas for improvement and the impact of new initiatives. The English subject leaders provide an action plan for the subject and address areas for development and improvement which are then shared with all staff. The overall impact is for children to make good progress, sustained learning and have transferable skills in all aspects of English. Termly assessment shows how children are progressing and their attainment in English.

Children will have experienced a broad and balanced English curriculum and leave us with a love of reading, writing and speaking and listening. The children will have had experience of a range of vibrant and engaging texts throughout their time at Dulverton Primary School.

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