Dulverton Primary School


We believe that our children need to be educated, responsible citizens who give back to the community.  We also recognise the need to prepare our children for an unstable future. This is why Dulverton Primary School’s broad and balanced curriculum aims to give all children the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. Teaching and learning supports mental health and wellbeing and is responsive to children’s needs.


Knowledge and skills progress year on year and build on the children’s understanding of each subject.  Exciting activities spark their intrigue and love of learning.  They particularly enjoy the ‘lesson hooks’ or creative starting points to lessons.  Although we have been limited this year, we do our very best to provide experiences outside of the classroom which complement our vision and values and strengthen our curriculum offer and delivery.  We are always looking for opportunities for cross-curricular outdoor learning.


Reading is prioritised. Our curriculum develops an ongoing love of reading across the school through the quality teaching of phonics at EYFS and KS1, and challenging texts at KS2.