Dulverton Primary School


Intent, Implementation & Impact


At Dulverton, our goal is to provide our children with a Modern Foreign Languages curriculum that engages their interest and broadens their cultural horizons. Our children are given the chance to explore a new language from the beginning of Key Stage 2 all the way until they leave us at the end of Year 6 where they will leave us being able to use some accurate grammar and discuss a variety of topics. 


The topics that our children look at provide a balance between grammatical concepts and conversational structures that give them a solid foundation on which they can build. Topics are revisited and reviewed to ensure understanding and to help demonstrate how these concepts and structures can be used in a multitude of contexts as well as helping our children to see their own progress from year to year. Reading is also a core part of our wider curriculum. It is a skill that enables children to develop their learning across the entire curriculum. In MFL, children have the opportunity to engage in a variety of reading experiences using the French language.


Our overall focus is to increase the opportunities for our children to extend their cultural capital by raising their awareness of different cultures and the languages that they use.


This is implemented by:


  • Using the Language Angels scheme of work to provide high quality teaching and learning that enables children to develop their language skills.
  • Constantly revisiting and reviewing prior learning in order to embed those skills in our use of foreign languages.
  • Children from Years 3-6 learn French in class, throughout the year, to ensure language development is consistently worked upon. 
  • Using engaging activities in lessons to develop a sense of enjoyment when learning languages that we hope our children will take with them into their further education.

Language teaching is assessed and evaluated through pupil voice, work scrutinies, lesson observations and staff audits. The MFL leader also produces a Subject Development Plan that highlights aspects of MFL teaching to focus on, strategies to support this and the impact that focus will have.


Our aim is for our children to make good or better progress in MFL throughout their time at Dulverton, learning language skills that will help them across the curriculum and into their education after they leave us in Year 6. We also look to build excitement in language education that creates a love of learning in MFL learning.