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BBC Own It App

BBC Own It App

The Own it app is part of the BBC’s commitment to supporting young people in today’s changing digital environment. It will provide a helping hand to your child when they receive their first smartphone, supporting their digital wellbeing, showing them how to make smarter and better informed choices.

The app has a custom keyboard which your child installs at the same time they install the app. If your child is typing some personal information such as a mobile number or email address, the app will intervene and tell the child to ‘think safe’ before sharing. Or if a child types something that might be an unkind message, the app will intervene and ask them if they really want to say that. Or if the child types something that indicates they might be sad or worried, the app will intervene and suggest some content that might help them to feel better.

For more information visit:  https://www.bbc.com/ownit/about-us/own-it-app-faqs