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Have Your Say on Issues near Schools - London Borough of Bexley Survey

Have Your Say on Issues near Schools.


The London Borough of Bexley is undertaking a public consultation on a range of issues associated with school journeys and the impact on roads near schools, the consultation is available on line using the following link and is open until 4th January 2020.




The purpose of this letter is firstly to ensure every school has the opportunity to provide input, as on a daily basis you see the demands on the road network and any frictions with nearby residents so are well placed to provide information. Secondly to establish that this is the start of a process that will, of necessity, develop over time.


There are a number of possible measures the Council can consider (these are set out on the link), but the individual factors at the different locations mean some measures are more suitable for a given location than others. With specific regard to parking it is accepted that residents want parent /carer parking controlled or prohibited, and not surprisingly the parents/carers want to park near the schools. Other factors such as reduced traffic speed, safety improvements and reduction in pollution will probably have wider general support.


The responses will have to be analysed, assessments made about the practicalities of any suggestions, setting priorities, designing outline schemes for funding purposes, securing funding and commissioning further designs before any formal consultation can be undertaken. The results of the formal consultation will then enable us to programme works for construction/implementation.


It is important to us that schools have the opportunity to provide input and note that this can be linked to School Travel Plan work you are already progressing or intend to pursue.


Your participation by completing the consultation would be appreciated, the consultation is open until the 4th January 2020.


Lucy Percival

Technical Assistant

Traffic and Road Safety Services
London Borough of Bexley
t:020 3045 3947