Dulverton Primary School

Academic Results


Key Stage 2 Results

2022 - 2023

At Dulverton Primary School, we follow  a comprehensive assessment framework designed to gauge the academic progress of our students. In Year 6, all children nationwide undergo externally marked tests in reading, grammar, punctuation, spelling (GPS) and mathematics. Writing is assessed by class teachers. Since 2016, the government has changed  from national curriculum levels to reporting the percentage of pupils reaching the "expected standard" or achieving  a "high standard." 


Key Stage 1 Results


All children across the country are tested in reading and maths.  Schools were also given the option to administer a test for grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS).   These were all marked internally in order to establish the children’s levels of attainment. Writing is assessed by class teachers



Phonic Results


All children in Year 1, nationwide are tested on their phonic knowledge.  The children receive either a pass or fail for the ‘expected standard’ only.  ‘High standard’ and ‘Greater depth’ cannot be awarded.  The children who do not meet the pass mark are re-tested in Year 2.



Attainment and Progress

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Attainment and Progress Summary 2019-2020 is unavailable as end of key stage tests did not take place due to Covid-19.

Attainment and Progress Comparison 2019 and 2022