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Year 6 Swimming 

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, and following government guidance, we are unable to resume swimming lessons. We will be in contact with the relevant parents once we are able to offer these lessons again. 

Intent, Implementation & Impact


At Dulverton, we recognise the positive value that an active and healthy lifestyle can have on a children's physical and mental wellbeing and learning. We believe that our PE provision should provide all of our pupils with a high quality physical education as well as opportunities to participate in a range of physical activity throughout the school day. We believe this will actively enable and encourage our pupils to lead active, healthy lives and to enjoy physical activity both in school and outside school.


We strive to provide our pupils with the opportunities to develop and apply skills, knowledge and concepts, to experiment and to be creative and imaginative within a broad range of sports and physical activity. We believe that our PE provision should facilitate and enable our pupils to discover and develop their physical potential whilst recognising and celebrating the cognitive, social and emotional learning opportunities that go hand in hand. 



At Dulverton, we implement this by: 

  • Delivering a high quality PE curriculum that provides opportunities for pupils to experience, develop skills and excel in a broad range of sports and physical activity

  • Investing in planning, resources and staff CPD to increase staff confidence and develop subject knowledge
  • Providing opportunities for pupils to be physically active across the school day including cross curricular learning opportunities

  • Recognising and celebrating physical, cognitive, social and emotional achievements and progression within sport, both in and outside school

  • Providing opportunities to participate in intra and inter competitions including the School Games

  • Offering extra curricular clubs in a range of sports



The following data was collected in November 2020 through pupil and staff surveys. We hope to be able to increase the number of our pupils who engage in and enjoy our PE Provision by July 2021. 

100% of our pupils engage in more than 30 minutes of physical activity a day whilst at school through: 

  • PE lessons
  • Active cross curricular learning
  • 5-a-day fitness
  • Using play equipment at playtimes  
  • Using our adventure playground 

95% of our pupils believe they lead active and healthy lives and 95% of our pupils want to be more active and recognise why this is important for a healthy body and mind.

65% of our pupils enjoy all of their PE lessons

72% of our pupils are happy with the content of their PE lessons

75% of our pupils enjoy their active cross curricular lessons

98% of our pupils enjoy the opportunity to use the adventure playground each week

90% of our pupils are happy with the PE provisions provided at play and lunchtimes and 65% use them every day

33% of our pupils attend one of our extra curricular sports clubs after school

100% of our teachers feel that their confidence in their knowledge of PE is adequate or above, with 73% describing their confidence in their knowledge as good.

PE Policy 2020

PE Risk Assessment Summer 2020