Dulverton Primary School

Reception Admissions September 2022

Once you have applied:

  • Parents/carers will receive their offer letter from Bexley in April, which they either accept or decline by the date stated, which is usually 2 weeks later. (If parents do not get their first choice, they can contact Bexley to ask to be put on our waiting list).
  • Once the school receive the acceptance lists from Bexley Council, we will contact parents/carers by email, with instructions on how to create a ParentMail account.
  • As soon as your child is registered for a ParentMail account, various forms and information will be sent by ParentMail, including data collection forms, permission forms and Extended Services Forms, as well as being asked to provide various documents to confirm details.
  • In the Summer Term, the Headteacher will send out an introductory letter setting out details of what happens next with important dates such as Parent/carer meetings and home visits from the class teacher.
  • During the Summer Term, parents/carers will be invited in for a meeting with Mrs Herbert and Key Staff where you will be provided with a child friendly induction booklet which will inform parents of all that is needed to start in September but designed to share with children. This booklet also holds information such as house colour, start date and ‘stay and play’ times with your child’s teacher and other pupils in the class to ensure your child’s introduction to our school is as smooth as possible.

We look forward to seeing all the children start in September!