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Special Educational Needs

SEN Co-ordinator: Mrs Ryan senco@dulverton.education

Intent, Implementaion & Impact


Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) provision at Dulverton Primary School is that all pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities experience success; that they achieve well and develop as individuals and members of the community.



Dulverton Primary School aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, where children have a wide variety of experiences and opportunities; to provide a curriculum that is accessible to all. Whilst our curriculum aims to build key skills in reading, writing and maths, this is not at the cost of other aspects of the curriculum such as the foundation subjects and developing social, emotional and mental health skills

Through the application of the SEND policy, we aim to:

  • Think positively - the whole school community (pupils, parents and staff) believing that all pupils, including those with SEND are capable, can achieve and be successful.   
  • Reduce barriers - taking practical steps so our school environment, facilities, curriculum and practices reduce barriers and are accessible to all.
  • Work in partnership - giving children the opportunity to voice their wishes and drawing upon knowledge and expertise of parents and carers in relation to their child. 
  • Assess accurately - tracking progress of pupils with SEND regularly and adjusting provision in light of ongoing monitoring.
  • Be creative - to think outside of the box in coming up with solutions to meet the needs of pupils with SEND.
  • Be responsive - to the individual needs of all children.
  • Be effective - in targeting additional support using a judicious blend of in class support and withdrawal or intervention classes. 
  • Be reflective - monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of our provision for pupils with SEND to ensure we are providing equality of opportunity and value for money. 


We have the firm belief that ‘every teacher is a teacher of SEND’. High quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to pupils who have, or may have SEND. 

Class teachers are responsible and accountable for the progress and development of all pupils in their class, including where pupils access support from teaching assistants or specialist staff.  We have clear procedures in place to ensure that all children receive quality first teaching.

Class teachers make regular observations and assessments of learning and development of all pupils from their admission to school; this includes monitoring social and emotional skills. Teachers and school leaders continually check and monitor children’s attainment and progress in order to identify any difficulties pupils may be having at the earliest opportunity. If children find school particularly difficult, we work hard to ensure that difficulties are identified and addressed as early as possible. Academic levels and test results provide a snapshot of development and progress of pupils with SEND and therefore are not the only way in which to monitor progress. We use a range of information to evaluate progress of pupils as a whole.

We recognise that for some children, reasonable adjustments in class and high quality differentiation may not be enough to help some children with SEN build the necessary skills. When needed, school offers a range of targeted interventions to support a range of different needs.   

We will follow the graduated approach and the four-part cycle of assess, plan, do, review.  Children with SEN will be monitored and reviewed as part of the school’s on-going assessment system, Pupil Progress Meetings, on Class Provision Maps and some pupils, via their Support Plans. All teachers and support staff who work with pupils who have SEN will be made aware of their needs, the outcomes sought, the support provided, and any teaching strategies or approaches that are required.

The school recognises parents and carers as the child’s first educators. Dulverton is committed to working in partnership with parents, children and other members of the school community, as well as outside agencies.  We believe that good two-way communication between home and school is essential.  It is important that we share views about a child’s needs and what the school is doing to address these.  The school is also keen to support with strategies which may help at home.

Sometimes it may not be clear about why a child is finding aspects of school or learning difficult. Parents, carers and the school team may agree that further advice should be sought and may ask for further assessment or advice from other services.

The School funds regular input from:


  • Oxleas NHS Speech & Language Therapist
  • JCT Team
  • School Nurse
  • CAMHs 
  • Community Paediatric
  • An Educational Welfare Officer
  • An Educational Psychologist
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Autism Advisory Service
  • EIT Team



As a result, Children with SEND at Dulverton Primary School will:

- feel happy, safe and respected. 

- demonstrate high levels of engagement in activities, developing their speaking, listening and social skills.

- make at least expected progress from their starting points due to the use of resources and small group intervention.

- will have developed good independence and life skills when leaving Dulverton Primary School.

SEN Information Report

Please click here to access the SEN Information Report

SEND Policy 2023